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Wills & Medical Directives​

It's difficult to think about passing and leaving behind family and friends, but it's an unavoidable event we all must face.  

Creating a will ensures the family and friends we leave behind have one less hurdle to overcome during the difficult grieving process.  A will also ensures your property will be handled or distributed in the manner you choose.

Medical Directives instruct our families and doctors on the type of medical care we want to receive if we are unable to communicate our wishes.  Without a medical directive, we leave our loved ones in a position to make those important decisions for us.  That places a very heavy burden on them.  It's a burden they may carry for the rest of their lives.  You deserve the right to make your own medical decisions and your family deserves the right to be free from that added responsibility.  Moore Law, PLLC is here to walk you through that process.    


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